Serving as a Bridge Between Swimming and Para Swimming Swimming


Nickname:Ahno-san, Tsujiri

i enjoy

It’s really fun to talk to foreign swimmers. I’ve made a lot of new friends since I’ve started para swimming!

Strong points

“I’m in the S13 (light vision impairment) class. We don’t swim in any special way or use special tools, and at first glance our races look the same as in able-bodied swimming. ”

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  • Birth place
    Edogawa City, Tokyo
  • Team
    Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Position/Class
  • Results
    Latest Triumphs
    2017 Japan Para Swimming Championships
     50m Freestyle: 1st Place
     100m Freestyle: 1st Place
     100m Breaststroke: 1st Place

    2018 Japan Para Swimming Championships
     50m Freestyle: 1st Place
     100m Freestyle: 1st Place
     400m Breaststroke: 1st Place
     100m Breaststroke: 1st Place

    World Para Swimming Championships (UK)
     100m Breaststroke: 3rd Place
     100m Freestyle: 4th Place
     50m Freestyle: 5th Place
     400m Freestyle: 8th Place
     4x100m Relay (49 Points): 7th Place

    2019 Japan Para Swimming Championships
     50m Freestyle: 1st Place
     100m Backstroke: 1st Place
     200m Individual Medley: 1st Place
  • Born as the eldest daughter of a “swimming family,” with a swimming coach father and a mother who competed in national swimming tournaments, she began swimming as a third-year in elementary school. Went to Showa Gakuin High School, where she built up a swimming career, competing in the relay event at the Inter-High School Sports Festival, etc. Moved away from her competitive career for a time after graduating high school, then felt her drive to compete in races reignite. Was diagnosed with macular dystrophy, an intractable disease that results in vision deterioration, immediately after entering university. Began para swimming in 2017, partly also due to the fact that her high school classmate, Yuki Morishita, had been a member of the Japan national team for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Set new Japan records in three events at the Japan Para Swimming Championships held on the same year, and decided to commit to working towards the Paralympic Games. A year later, experienced a meteoric rise on the international stage as well. Had an incredible showing in the World Para Swimming Championships, held on September 2019, where she won a bronze medal in the 100m Breaststroke event, and set a new Japan record for her specialty, the 100m Freestyle event, coming in 4th. A medal contender for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Her motto is “Life is what you enjoy.” Her base of training is Sports Club Osso Minamisuna. (As of June 2020)