A Strong, Surging Start! Sprinting Ahead to Win the Race Athletics

OYA Yuki


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  • Birth place
    Nishinomiya City, Hyogo
  • Team
    Nissay New Creation Co., Ltd.
  • Position/Class
  • Results
    Latest Triumphs
     2019 Japan Para Athletics Championships
    Men’s 100m 1st Place
    Men’s 200m 1st Place
     2019 World Para Athletics Championships (UAE)
    Men’s 100m 4th Place
  • Oya fell and suffered a spinal cord injury when he was 16 years old and became a wheelchair user. He began athletics in 2005. His talent came alive when he switched from middle- and long-distance to short-distance races, finishing the 100-meter race at the 2019 Japan Para Athletics Championships with an excellent time. This result allowed him to participate in the World Para Athletics Championships for the first time as a representative of Japan. At the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships, he came in 4th place, earning him a place on the Japanese delegation to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. (August 2020)