Height + Ability = Power Throws Goalball



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  • Birth place
    Suita City, Osaka
  • Team
    CyberAgentWill / Tokorozawa Thunders
  • Position/Class
  • Results
    Latest Triumphs
     2019 Goalball Japan Men’s Open (Chiba)
    1st Place (Japan A)
     2019 IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Championships in CHIBA
    3rd Place
  • Was born with peripheral vision loss, and found it difficult to see in dark places. Was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a fifth-year in elementary school. Played on the school baseball team in elementary and junior high school, and the school softball team in high school. Came across goalball through an athlete cultivation project hosted by the Japan Goalball Association in 2017, while studying to be a massage therapist at the Osaka Prefectural Osaka Kita Special Education School for Visual Impairment. Moved to Tokyo at the age of 22 to start playing goalball competitively. Used his height and physical ability to his advantage, rising up through the ranks and becoming a Japan designated training athlete after only a year and a half of playing the sport. Later qualified for the Japan national goalball team for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. (August 2020)