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In para table tennis, there are a variety of strategies and techniques to offset the unique disabilities of each player. I look forward to being able to compete against the world's top players at international competitions. (Iwabuchi)

Strong points

"My forte is blocking close to the table, followed by a counter attack. I am also very good at serving in a variety of ways, and counter attacking the rally. Please keep an eye out for my trademark fist pumps when I score!"

  • Sport
    Table Tennis
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Birth place
  • Team
    WASEDA University
  • Position/Class
    Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.
  • Paralympics Triumphs
    ・Rio 2016 Paralympics -Singles Class 9

    Latest Triumphs
    ・2014 Asian Para Games - Bronze:Singles Class 9
    ・2015 Hungarian Open - Gold:Singles Class 9
    ・2015 Spanish Open - Gold:Singles Class 9
    ・2015 Czech Open - Gold:Singles Class 9
    ・2017 Italian Open - Bronze:Singles Class 9
    ・2017 Slovenia Open - Silver:Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 Slovakia Open - Silver:Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 Spanish Open - Silver:Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 German Open - Gold:Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 Asian Para Games - Silver:Singles Class 9,Slver:Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 Belgium Open - Silver:Singles Class 9,Silver :Team Classes 9-10
    ・2017 Spanish Open - Bronze :Team Classes 9-10

    Table tennis
    ▼National Federation
    Japan Para Table Tennis Association(Japanese only)