Athlete and mother, quick on her wheelchair Badminton


Nickname:Riekko, Riepon, Ogurin, Oguchan

i enjoy

Playing against my son and daughter! I’m working hard every day to keep up with my kids, who just absorb everything and grow so fast. I also really enjoy how I can feel my kids’ growth through badminton.

Strong points

“Quick, dynamic plays that make use of my speed on the wheelchair. I’m also refining my techniques, making them more precise and detailed, for synergy across my whole play.”

  • Sport
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Birth place
    Kumagaya City, Saitama
  • Team
  • Position/Class
  • Latest Triumphs
    ・2015 China Para-Badminton International Women’s Doubles (WH1-2): 3rd Place
    ・2015 Irish Para-Badminton International Mixed Doubles (WH1-2): 3rd Place
    ・2015 World Championships (UK)
     Women’s Singles (WH2): 3rd Place
     Women’s Doubles (WH1-2): 3rd Place
     Mixed Doubles (WH1-2): Eliminated in quarter-finals
    ・2016 The 2nd Japan Para-Badminton Championships Women’s Doubles (WH1-2): 2nd Place
    ・2017 HULIC/DAIHATSU Japan Para-Badminton International
     Women’s Singles: 3rd Place
     Women’s Doubles (WH1-2): 3rd Place
    ・2017 Para Badminton World Championships (Korea) Women’s Singles: Eliminated in quarter-finals