Winner of two silver medals at his first Paralympic Games Athletics

SATO Tomoki


i enjoy

A word that I’ve liked since I started athletics is “seishun” (Japanese word for the “bloom/passion of youth”). When I hear the people on the sidelines cheering me on, I really feel like my life is in bloom.

Strong points

“Watch how I accelerate starting the latter half of the race!”

  • Sport
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  • Birth place
    Fujieda City, Shizuoka
  • Team
  • Position/Class
  • Results
    Paralympics Triumphs
    ・Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
     Men’s 400m: Silver medal
     Men’s 1,500m: Silver medal

    Latest Triumphs
     IPC Athletics World Championships (Qatar)
     Men’s 400m: 1st Place
     Men’s 1,500m: 3rd Place
     World Para Athletics Championships (U.K.)
     Men’s 400m: 1st Place
     Men’s 1,500m: 1st Place
  • Became a wheelchair user in 2010 after suffering myelitis. Began athletics after watching the London Paralympic Games on TV in 2012. Later moved his base of training from his local Shizuoka to Okayama Prefecture, and began training under Hitoshi Matsunaga (who competed in three consecutive Paralympic Games) starting May 2014. Won the 400m (T52) event for the first time in the World Championship in 2015. Won two silver medals in the Rio Paralympic Games (400m [T52], 1,500m [T52]) in 2016. Won gold medals in both events at the World Para Athletics Championships in 2017, beating his already incredible record at Rio. Also went on to set new world records in both events in July 2018. Currently works as a full-time employee at grop-sincerite, and is a member of the para athletics team WORLD-AC. His motto is, “Dreams are something you fulfill yourself.”