Sprinter like a Cinderella, bronze medal winner at the Rio Paralympic Games Athletics


Nickname:Sae, Tsujichan

i enjoy

I train every day looking forward to improving my time!

Strong points

I started athletics in 2015, and noticed there was still a lot I could do to improve the way I ran. I discovered a lot of things I needed to work on, and I think my strength lies in how I’ve worked to face and solve these issues, instead of running away.

  • Sport
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Birth place
    Hakodate City, Hokkaido
  • Team
    Nippon Sport Science University
  • Position/Class
  • Paralympics Triumphs
    ・Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
     Women’s 400m: Bronze medal
     Women’s 100m: 7th Place
     Women’s 200m: 7th Place

    Latest Triumphs
     IPC Athletics World Championships (Qatar) - Women’s 100m: 6th Place
     World Para Athletics Championships (U.K.)
     Women’s 400m: 3rd Place
     Women’s 200m: 6th Place
     Women’s 100m: 7th Place