Long-time equestrian, driving forward with iron determination Equestrian



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  • Sport
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Birth place
    Daito City, Osaka
  • Team
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan/Akashi Riding Association
  • Position/Class
    Grade I
  • Results
    Paralympics Triumphs
    ・Athens 2004 Paralympic Games
     Dressage Grade I: 14th Place / Freestyle Grade I: 12th Place

    Latest Triumphs
     1st Japan Para-Equestrian Championship
     Grade I: 1st Place
     CPEDI1★ GOTEMBA April 2018
     Dressage Grade I: 2nd Place *2nd Place overall
     All-Japan Para-Equestrian Tournament Dressage
     Grade I: 1st Place
     CPEDI3*Gotemba 2019 Spring
     Grade 1: 1st Place *1st Place overall
  • Born with congenital cerebral palsy. Began horseback riding in high school, after encountering a therapy horse at a facility for children with impairment. Began competitive training for the equestrian sport at 27 years old, and in 2004 competed in the Athens Paralympic Games. Since, she has worked full-time while competing in international tournaments like world championships, and is active as one of Japan’s top equestrians. Distanced herself from the Paralympic Games after Athens, but decided in 2017 to aim for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Began working as an athlete employee at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan in 2018, and has flown around Japan and the world for tournaments.