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[Center News] "Para Sports Painting and Essay Contest 2017" Winners Announced

 On November 29, the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center announced the winners of the "Para Sports Painting and Essay Contest 2017."

Winners were selected from numerous entries.

 The contest was launched with the hopes of encouraging people to learn more about the appeal of para sports and para athletes, ultimately leading to an inclusive society with greater understanding towards people with disabilities.

"The initial aim was to have people come to actual events and express their emotional responses to be submitted, which will hopefully lead to some kind of subsequent action. In fact, many of the works were responses to watching or trying the sports in person." (Yuka Maeda, Project Leader, Project Promotion Department, Paralympic Support Center)

The contest entries involved a wide variety of sports, and many of the participants have disabilities themselves.

Numerous works teeming with energy and encouraging people to attend events

Yamasato and other celebrities were invited as special judges.

 The many entries splendidly expressed personal experiences or realizations gained from para sports and para athletes.

The judging took place on November 1. Actor and filmmaker Takumi Saito, guest judge for the painting category, said, "Many of the works were full of energy, and we all had a hard time choosing."

Ryota Yamasato, member of the comedy duo "Nankai Candies," was guest judge for the essay category. He commented, "The works were full of people's hopes that others will learn how fun para sports can be! Just reading them made me want to go watch events." The quality of the submissions made the judges' work difficult.

Miki Matheson, 1998 Nagano Paralympic gold medalist, was another judge. She expressed her gratitude in the large number of entries: "In the past, the word Paralympics was hardly known, but through these works, you can tell that all these people actually went out to watch or try various sports and are quite familiar with them. This makes me very happy."

Exhibited at the construction site for the New National Stadium!

The contest will be held again next year, and submission requirements will be announced on this website.

 This year's winners can be seen/read on the awards page, and are also exhibited on the temporary construction zone fencing for the New National Stadium, which will be the main venue for the Tokyo Paralympics. They will be displayed until March 31 on the side of Aoyama Gate and the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.

text&photos by Parasapo

"Para Sports Painting and Essay Contest 2017" General Information

[Sponsored by] Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
[Supported by] Japan Sports Agency, Japan Sport Council, The Asahi Shimbun Company
[Theme] Express in a painting or essay your emotional response to trying/watching para sports, attending events, or reading books/articles written by/about Japanese and overseas para athletes.
[Categories] Two: painting category, essay category
[Deadline for submission] July 19 (Wed) – Sep 29 (Fri), 2017
[Qualifications for submission] *Both painting and essay categories
A: Elementary students (including elementary grades of special needs schools)
B: Junior high students (including junior high grades of special needs schools)
C: General (High school and older, including high school grades of special needs schools)
[Judges] "Para Sports Painting and Essay Contest 2017" Secretariat and judging committee (listed below)
・Yasushi Yamawaki, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
・Nao Ozawa, Chief Executive Officer of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
・Miki Matheson, Nagano Paralympics gold medalist
・Shinji Negi, Captain of the Japan wheelchair basketball team at Sydney Paralympics
・Aki Taguchi, Japanese representative in shooting at the London Paralympics
・Takumi Saito, actor and filmmaker (special judge in painting category)
・Ryota Yamasato, member of comedy duo "Nankai Candies" (special judge in essay category)
・Futoshi Higuchi, Manager of the Olympic and Paralympic Sports Promotion Office, The Asahi Shimbun Company)
(1) Grand Prize: One winner each in A, B and C for both painting and essay categories (six total), original book gift card for 10,000 yen
(2) Asahi Shimbun Award: One winner each in painting and essay categories (two total), Japanese department store gift certificate for 10,000 yen
(3) Honorable Mention: Four in painting category and two in essay category (six total), original memorabilia

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