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[Center Topics] Review of The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center in 2017 — Second Half

Second Half (July – Dec)
[July 24, 2017]

[i enjoy! Seminar] Powerlifting gold medalist Rahman visits Japan and delights children by lifting 250 kilograms. >>>>See [Center News] article

Rahman lifted increasingly heavy weights, encouraged by the crowd's "Rahman!" call. The children were mesmerized by his performance.

A lecture by Paralympic Support Center staff member Ms. Maeda

[Aug 5, 2017]

"Company Face-off Asuchalle!® Field Day in TOKYO 2017," the first of its kind in Tokyo. Sixteen companies competed against each other in para sports. >>>> See [Center News] article

This was the second "Company Face-off Asuchalle!" event, held in August, with 300 employees from 16 companies.

Many companies crossed rivalry boundaries and joined hands to cheer each other on!
>>>>See [Asuchalle!® Field Day] article

[Sep 2017]

The "Asuchalle! Academy" upgraded into a diverse seminar for learning about Paralympics and para sports in a fun environment.

In 2017, over 4,000 people attended across Japan.

Participants studying in Asuchalle! Academy
>>>>【See [Asuchalle! Academy] article

[Sep 22–25 & Oct 3, 2017]

Children and adults alike enjoy playing para sports at "i enjoy! Para Sports Park" events.

Tourism EXPO at Tokyo Big Sight
from September 22 to 25, 2017!

"i enjoy! Para Sports Park" held in Misawa City, Aomori prefecture,
on October 15, 2017!

[Nov 15, 2017]

"ParaFes 2017 — UNLOCK YOURSELF," a festival of sports and music highlighting "superhuman" performances in front of 4,300 spectators. >>>> See [Center News] article

Special Guest Takumi Saito trying out a para ice hockey sledge

The climax was a concert by WANIMA,に
unifying the entire venue.

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[Nov 15, 2017]

Release of The Change Maker, a movie featuring para alpine skiing to promote the PyeongChang Paralympics. >>>> See [Center News] article

The Change Maker

The movie features Winter Paralympic alpine skiing medalists
aiki Morii, Akira Kano and Takeshi Suzuki.

Nov 15, 2017

Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori are appointed Special Supporters for the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center. >>>> See [Center News] article

From left: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki, Shingo Katori

Watch their message video!

[Nov 22–27, 2017]

Publication of the first issue of GO Journal, an innovative artistic magazine to stimulate the para sports world. Also a photography exhibition to commemorate the publication of the first issue. >>>> See [Center News] article

The first issue is available for free at Tsutaya bookstores across Japan.

The press release featured a talk show by GO Journal creative director Mika Ninagawa and para athletes.

[Nov 29, 2017]

Winners announced for the "Para Sports Painting and Essay Contest 2017," a contest designed to promote the appeal of para sports and para athletes. >>>> See [Center News] article

Takumi Saito (right, guest judge for the painting category) and other judges

Ryota Yamasato, member of comedy duo Nankai Candies and guest judge for the essay category