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[Center Topics] Review of The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center in 2017 — First Half

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center initiated and participated in a variety of activities in 2017. We plan to continue actively offering events and educational or awareness-building programs throughout 2018!

First half (Jan – June)
[Jan 30, 2017]

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center received the FY2016 Asahi Sports Prize. >>>>See [Center News] article

The presentation ceremony was held on January 30.

Chief Executive Officer Ozawa:
"We will keep going forward at full force, so that you will be proud that you gave us this prize."

[Feb 8, 2017]

"Asuchalle! School" for AY2017 rolls out nationally, sponsored by Japan Airlines (JAL).

Held across Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido (photo from Okinawa)

Expected to be held at 250 schools in AY2017

>>>> See [Asuchalle! School] article

[Feb 21, 2017]

Engaging young people with the Paralympic Movement to make Tokyo 2020 exciting. Release of the International Paralympic Committee official educational material "I'mPOSSIBLE." >>>> See [Center News] article

A press conference was held on February 21,
with Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and others.

In late April, the first four-lesson set was distributed
for free to 23,000 elementary schools across Japan.

[March 12, 2017]

[Para Ekiden in TOKYO 2017] Team "Very Good Tochigi" takes victory with great teamwork. A day full of cheers from 12,000 spectators, volunteers, Team Yoshimoto and AAA. >>>> See [Center News] article

Runners with a variety of disabilities team up with non-disabled runners for a united relay race.

AAA performed a concert for the finale.

[March 15, 2017]

[University Sports Newspaper Clubs & Sports Federations] Awards ceremony for the PR intern dispatch project, recognizing reporting of para sports from a student's perspective. >>>> See [Center News] article

Waseda Sports Blind Marathon Team takes first prize
for most "likes" on Facebook.
>>> See [Facebook] article

In July, PR intern students learn about sports photography from Adam Pretty, Olympic and Paralympic photographer.

[Apr 19, 2017] Launch of Find My Parasport website

"Find My Parasport," a para sports diagnosis and team search website to help people find their best-suited para sports and teams they can join. >>>> See [Center News] article

In May, the "Koshi Kishita Special Concert & Paralympic Support Center Tour" was hosted
privately for people who supported the crowdfunding for the Find My Parasport website.

In October, the website was updated to include more sports, currently 41 sports.
(As of Dec 2017)

>>>> See [Find My Parasport] article
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