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“Talk Show Celebrating PyeongChang 2018 Medalists” on March 20, 2018 / Full Talk Show (Part 1)

Momoka Muraoka, Gurimu Narita, Yoshihiro Nitta and Taiki Morii, all medalists at the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, spoke at the "Talk Show Celebrating PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Medalists" held on March 20, 2018. They joined Fuji TV reporter Yoshiko Kawano and former Olympian Kotono Tanaka to talk about episodes during the Games and about getting medals.

[Guest speakers]

Yasushi Yamawaki, Chairman, Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
Taiki Morii, alpine skier (sitting)
Gurimu Narita, snowboarder
Yoshihiro Nitta, cross-country skier
Momoka Muraoka, alpine skier (sitting)


Yoshiko Kawano, reporter, Fuji TV
Kotono Tanaka, former rhythmic gymnast

A triumphant press conference for the para athletes

Yoshiko Kawano (hereinafter, Kawano): Thank you for coming today. Before we start, Yasushi Yamawaki, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, will represent today's sponsors with a few words. Mr. Yamawaki.

(Applause from the audience)

Yasushi Yamawaki (hereinafter, Yamawaki): Hello everyone.

Audience: Hello.

Yamawaki: I would like to thank all of you for coming out today.

We received so much support and encouragement during the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, both within PyeongChang and from Japan.

The Japanese press reported the achievements of the athletes every day, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for that coverage.

Thank you.

The Japanese delegation of 86 people, including 38 athletes and one guide, returned safely to Narita Airport yesterday on a charter flight from Pyeongchang.

We held a delegation dispersal ceremony yesterday. The athletes, cheer team, staff members and supporters made all necessary preparations and put forth their best efforts at PyeongChang, where weather conditions shifted drastically and constantly. I believe this wonderful teamwork, strong will, and the ability to persevere without giving up led to the great performances and results.

Representing the Japanese delegation, four medalists join us today. Ms. Muraoka and Mr. Narita are two new young heroes, while Mr. Nitta and Mr. Morii are legends in their respective fields with multiple Paralympic Games under their belts.

I hope you will stay until the end of the program and experience again the excitement and inspiration of the Games. And to the athletes, thank you for joining us today.

Kawano: Thank you, Mr. Yamawaki. We will start shortly. Please wait at your seats.

Former rhythmic gymnast and Olympian Kotono Tanaka emcees the talk show

Kotono Tanaka (hereinafter, Tanaka): Hello.

Kawano: Today's Talk Show Celebrating PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Medalists is hosted by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, with cooperation from the JAPAN Para-Ski Federation and the Fuji TV para-sports support project "PARA☆DO!" Let us begin.

I am your emcee today. My name is Kawano, and I am a reporter for Fuji TV.

Let me introduce Ms. Kotono Tanaka, Japanese representative in rhythmic gymnastics at the Beijing and London Olympics, and captain of the Japan Team at the London Olympics.

Tanaka: Hello.

Kawano: We will soon be welcoming the PyeongChang Paralympic medalists. I look forward to your conversation with them from an athlete's point of view. What are your hopes for today?

Tanaka: I hope to dig out their real thoughts and honest feelings.

Kawano: Today's talk show is also streamed live on the Internet and available to people outside this venue.

(Pointing to a camera) That's the camera. Is everyone watching? To those of you watching the live streaming, I hope you enjoy the show.

I would like to ask everyone in the venue to refrain from using your camera's flash during the show. Please turn them off.

Ms. Tanaka, what do you remember most about the PyeongChang Paralympics?

Tanaka: I think it must be the accomplishment of Ms. Muraoka, our small heroine who is still a university student.

It is amazing that she is the first Japanese athlete to get five medals in all events at a Winter Paralympic Games.

The most memorable moment was when she fell about halfway on her slalom run on the last day. She immediately got back up and kept going without giving up. I was really touched by her will to try without ever giving up, and that made an impression.

Kawano: Once you stumble, it would seem emotionally difficult to recover. I hope to ask about the athlete's perspective on this and other things today.

Now, without further ado, let us welcome the PyeongChang Paralympic medalists.

Please welcome them with a big round of applause.

(Applause from the audience)

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