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Momoka Muraoka Talks of Fun Episodes During PyeongChang Winter Paralympics / Full Talk Show (Part 6)

"I had no idea why I was summoned all of a sudden"

Muraoka: And then I was told, "Can you bring your medals?" I was barefoot, wearing the Japan team uniform, and took my medals to their room, dressed just like that. And all of these athletes were there.

Kawano: All four? Was it Mr. Narita's room?

Narita: Yes. We shared a room.

Nitta: Yes, we were in the same room.

Kawano: Oh, the same room!?

Nitta: I've been to the Paralympics multiple times, but I never shared a room with an athlete in a different team, or rather, a different sport. So it was a new experience. So, right.
Immediately a cell phone came out and we were about to take a photo together. And then—

Narita: Yes, I—

Nitta: —Right. Go ahead!

Narita: Well, I ... my goal was to communicate my story and the Paralympic story, and I looked for a good way to do this. So I was making a YouTube video. Yes. And when the closing ceremony ended, I thought I may never have another chance like this!

Kawano: It was your YouTube opportunity. (laughs)

Narita: Yes, yes. (laughs) I called everyone together telling them I wanted to communicate the excitement of getting a medal. With all the medalists, we put our ten medals on the table and took a YouTube video.

Kawano: That's amazing.

Narita: But it seems the way I got people together was a bit sudden, and rather careless. (laughs)

Kawano: Suddenly appearing at their rooms.

Tanaka: You must have come off suspicious. It was late at night.

Muraoka: Truly, I was like, "What are they going to say to me? What are they going to say to me?" It was very intimidating. I was really frightened.

Narita: I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. Sorry.

A perfect studio setup

Muraoka: Actually, I would like to take this opportunity to say, it was a great chance to get to know you, and to get to talk to you a lot more since then.

Morii: I think it is great. We are in an environment where we cannot really share much information. I personally think it is great for people like Gurimu to use YouTube to promote para sports to a wider audience.

Narita: Thank you.

Morii: All you have to do is work on your recruitment method.

Nitta: Yes.

(Everyone laughs)

Nitta: You know, in my case, he knocked on my door and said, "Mr. Nitta? Could you please come with me?" We had four rooms, and were only using three.
There was a big table in the middle of the living room, and he had his cell phone set up, so I thought, "Oh, we're taking a photo." He told me, "Sit right here." I was expecting a photo, but he had already started filming the YouTube video.

(The audience laughs)

Kawano: So your studio setup was perfect.

Narita: You make it sound like you were bothered, but you talked more than anyone else.

(The audience laughs)

Narita: He was having the most fun. (laughs)

Nitta: Thank you! (laughs)

Is Mr. Narita the "chatterbox"?

Kawano: We were earlier talking about who was the biggest chatterbox among the four of you. Everyone immediately pointed to Mr. Narita. And Mr. Narita alone pointed to Mr. Nitta. (laughs)
So there is a "chatterbox" ranking. Were there any problems with snoring in the same room?

Nitta: I was alone. But Mr. Narita, he could have used the open room, but he gets lonely so he shared a room with Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto.

Kawano: Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto also competed in the Summer Paralympics.

Nitta: Don't you think it would be scary if a bald guy like that showed up?

(The audience laughs)

Kawano: What a comment! (laughs)

Muraoka: What was that! (laughs)

Kawano: Really. So it was three in each room.

Nitta: No, four.

Kawano: I see, four. Did PyeongChang give you lots of opportunities for interaction?

Nitta: Yes. In that sense, it was a great time of exchange.

Tanaka: If you haven't seen Mr. Narita's YouTube video, please check it out. (laughs)

Kawano: Is it still up? The video.

Narita: The one with four of us and the one with three of us are both up.

"I want to first bask in this joy"

Kawano: We are coming to an end of our enjoyable conversation. Lastly, could you give a message to our audience here and those watching the live streaming? Also, please include your aspirations and plans for the future.

First, Mr. Narita.

Narita: My plans and aspirations. To start with, I want to bask in this joy since the Paralympics are over.

Tanaka: Please do so!

Narita: After resting my body and getting refreshed, I will put every effort into a new challenge and keep doing my best. Thank you!

(Applause from the audience)

Kawano: Thank you. Now. Ms. Muraoka, who had that visit to her room.

Muraoka: This was my second Paralympic Games, and I was very nervous. This time I was simply running after the others. I was running after the athletes ahead of me. I mean, I think that position is a little easier emotionally. I was only a challenger, and I think that is easier than being the one that people are running after.
My results were a little too good this time. (laughs) I think I will put more pressure on myself, and more people will be cheering me on, so instead of feeling the pressure too much, I hope to transform it to strength. I want to start by preparing myself mentally.

(Applause from the audience)

Kawano: Now you will be the one people run after.

Muraoka: Yet, I still only have one gold medal. I do all five events, so there is still a lot of room for improvement. I hope to keep aiming for more, forever as a challenger.

Kawano: Thank you.

(Applause from the audience)

Morii — "I want to try motor sports"

Kawano: And Mr. Morii, with your Team Morii. How about you?

Morii: In the men's alpine ski team, I was the only one to get a medal. As you all may know, we are a really strong team. So it was disappointing that we only got one medal.
When we go for Beijing next time, I want to make sure we are still a strong Japan team, instead of being known as a team that used to be strong. I plan to train hard together with my team.
Personally, I would love to try motor sports as a new challenge.

Kawano: Motor sports!

Morii: Yes. There are a lot of things I'd love to try.

Kawano: I look forward to those new developments.

(Applause from the audience)

Kawano: Mr. Nitta.

Nitta: I am impressed that everyone is talking about aiming for Beijing. Oh, I don't mean I am going to quit. Yet.

(The audience laughs)

Nitta: I haven't given up yet, but just before PyeongChang I underwent training for ten days straight, so hard that I collapsed from fatigue multiple times. I wanted to quit. I didn't want to go to that place again, so I was able to compete at PyeongChang with a better attitude. But when I think about continuing this for the next four years, I don't think I can handle it.
I think that if I can find the drive of really enjoying skiing, that will make me stronger. Right now, I want to keep a calm mind and enjoy this medal.
But I think my kids will want me to get another gold medal. If I really want to continue, I think I will, but I don't know what will happen. I do love to ski, so I am sure I will keep doing that whatever happens.

Kawano: So you will be taking a break for a while?

Nitta: Yes.

Kawano: Please do so.

(Applause from the audience)

Passing the baton to 2020 with these medals

Kawano: Ms. Tanaka, what did you think after hearing their stories?

Tanaka: It was a valuable day. We got to hear things we normally do not hear about, and I had a lot of fun. One thing I noticed is that everyone is full of motivation for self-improvement.
Also, when they are skiing or competing, they are in that moment by themselves, but they are supported by many people.
And of course, the equipment. It was remarkable to hear about how their equipment is almost a part of their bodies during competition. It was great to learn about that. With the medals they all have around their necks, I think they are passing the baton wonderfully to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Kawano: Yes, I agree. They are great steps forward.

Tanaka: I look forward to watching the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in person and finding a lot of inspiration ... I hope you all do so as well.

Kawano: I also look forward to everyone's performances at the 2022 Beijing. Thank you for joining us today.

Tanaka: Thank you.

(Applause from the audience)

(Re-published from Logmi)

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