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Parasapo and Japan's Leading Online Creator Network Sign a Partnership Agreement

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center (hereafter “Parasapo”) has established a partnership with content company UUUM Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “UUUM”), the owner of Japan’s leading creator network. The goal of this partnership is to raise awareness of parasports and make parasports more widely known to the public.

The UUUM corporate philosophy, “sekai ni kodomogokoro wo” (bringing experiences to “be a kid again” to the world), aligned with the Parasapo’s vision for an inclusive society, and its efforts to raise awareness for parasports. This partnership arose out of these shared values. The Parasapo will work to relay the brilliance of parasports to the public through videos by UUUM network creators.

The Parasapo and UUUM will work together to support parasports, which can be enjoyed both by people with and without impairment. Through these efforts, the two organizations will work towards a society where we all respect each other, and where we are able to accept the differences that make us all unique.

Efforts Through This Partnership:

UUUM network creators will be joined the programs or events of parasports, then generate video content about these experiences to post on the UUUM official YouTube channel. These efforts aim to make parasports more widely known in society. Please check out the teaser trailer on the UUUM official YouTube channel.

About UUUM Co., Ltd.

Established in June 2013. Content company that specializes in the management and support of over 5,000 video channels, as well as promotion planning, event management, game apps, and e-commerce for creators. The core value of the company is “sekai ni kodomogokoro wo” (bringing experiences to “be a kid again” to the world), which reflects that they create adventurous experiences and bring excitement with childhood mind at the same time they provide new experiences that people never had.
UUUM Official Website
UUUM Official YouTube Channel

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