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Paralympic sport associations request corporations to provide personnel support

On December 3rd, the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (JACE) invited Paralympic sport associations and held a conference at the Industry Club of Japan in Tokyo. Amongst the themes was, “measures to encourage companies to provide personnel support for the promotion of para-sports”. This was part of the activities organized by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games under JACE, and the management members of approximately 60 companies registered with JACE attended the event.。

Nao Ozawa, director of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center who co-hosted the event, explained to the attendees about the current vulnerability of the sport associations' foundation, and how close to 70% of the associations do not have permanent staff. He continued to explain that the Support Center has started a subsidy program to allow sport associations to secure human resources, and appealed to the attendees about how important it is for companies to offer personnel support as well.

Following Ozawa's presentation, Tatsuru Ibusuki, head of the Japan Para Athletics explained about accounting and PR, and the necessity of hiring personnel with translation and interpretation skills as well as experience negotiating with foreign business partners.
Then, Seiichi Sakurai, director of the Japanese Para-Swimming Federation, took the stand and explained his thoughts towards the promotion of para-sports. “We are hoping to collaborate with people who know how to achieve sponsors and have experience working with the media to raise awareness about para-sports and para-athletes.”
Next, Susumu Yoshida, President of the Japanese Para-Powerlifting Federation took the microphone. “My association members and I are determined to win a gold medal this year. Please help us achieve this dream.”

Takeshi Niinami, Vice Chairman of JACE (and President of Suntory Holdings) said, “Considering the importance of promoting diversity in Japan with its aging population, the success of the Paralympics and the development of para-sports is going to be an essential topic beyond 2020. We look forward to discussing about how we can support you by providing our personnel, and explore the possibilities together.”

60 management members of JACE attended the event

Vice Chairman Takeshi Niinami photo by KEIZAI DOYUKAI

text by Katsuhiro Motoyama
photo by PARASAPO