Privacy Policy

June 16, 2015, Rule Number 8

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center will achieve contribution to society by assessing issues for developing circumstances of para-sports such as the Paralympic games and providing support for solving these issues.
As we understand it is an important social responsibility to protect personal information properly in our activities, we establish the following personal information protection guidelines as our behavioral criteria that our officers and staff shall abide by, and ensure thorough compliance with the guidelines.

1.Respect for Personal Information
We will only use personal information for the express purpose agreed to by The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center and the individual(s) affected. We will never use such information without permission, and our use of information will never exceed the purpose agreed upon. Further, we will not distribute information to third parties without the consent of the individual in question. To facilitate communication regarding such information, we work constantly to make ourselves as accessible as possible, and deal with requests for changes in a timely manner.
2. Responsibility for Protecting Personal Information
The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center is directly responsible for the protection of the personal records they possess.
3. Safety of Personal Information
All personal information is protected from unlawful access and theft. Additionally, suitable measures have been taken to prevent the loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of such information. In addition, when contractors are requested to handle information , they are required to sign a liability contract and are subject to management and supervision by the foundation.
4. Observation of National Laws and Regulations Governing Personal Information
The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center abides by all laws governing the protection of personal information, including those specifically regarding independent administrative institutions.
5. Compliance Program
Regarding the planning, direction, operation, and auditing of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Cente's program for protecting personal information, the foundation is continually reviewing and updating its IT system and the handling of such data within the foundation, to reflect changing programs or the laws under which such programs are conducted.

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
Yasushi Yamawaki,  Chairman