Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey

In this sport, players with lower limb impairments skate on a special sled called a 'sledge'. The short hockey sticks that they hold in each hand have a spiked end that allows the players to push themselves across the ice rink. The bladed end is for passing and shooting the puck.

Tips on watching games

Ice Hockey is not just a visually attractive sport. It's exciting for the ears too. If you go to a live Ice Hockey match, enjoy listening to the sound of the sledge blades grazing the ice, the hockey sticks hitting the puck, and the upbeat music that plays during timeouts and intermission, to name a few. Although spectators are asked to refrain from cheering using overly loud instruments, shouting and screaming for their favourite teams is greatly welcomed. So don't be shy and show your team spirit! Just make sure to dress warmly. Even at the hottest matches, the temperature of the venues is usually set to 0 degrees throughout the year.【Captivating speed and action】 The biggest attraction of Ice Hockey has got to be the harsh body checks. They can get so rough that players topple over, and sticks snap. The fast dribbles of the puck that is specific to Ice Hockey in which players advance while passing the puck under their sledge is also a sight to see. When a substitution is made during a match, a ramp is brought out to allow players to exit and enter the rink smoothly if there is a step between the rink and the benches.

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