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One sport is fatiguing enough, but three? These triathletes don't seem to think so. With their bottomless energy, they will be swimming, cycling, and scrambling across town and towards the finish line for the first time at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. In the sprint race (0.75km swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running), athletes will be competing in three events: sitting, standing, and visually impaired. Of the current five sport classes that exist according to the different types and levels of impairments, three will be part of the Paralympics program at the Rio Games.

Tips on watching games

Transitions are often called the 'fourth discipline' in triathlons, as the time an athlete takes to switch from swimming to cycling to running is also included in the race time. Since para-triathletes use a variety of equipment depending on their impairments, the transition time can greatly vary between competitors. Smooth teamwork is also imperative, as handlers and guides are permitted to assist competitors to transition during a race. For those of you who will be watching the triathlon live, the transition area is where you'll want to be to get a glimpse of this teamwork. The close distance between you and the athletes will enable you to cheer them on.

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