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Triathlon is an event that consists of swimming, cycling, and running, one after the other. It was added as an official sport at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Racers compete for the best total time across “sprint distance” (swimming: 0.75 kilometers; cycling: 20 kilometers; running: 5 kilometers), which is half of the “standard distance” practiced in triathlon in the Olympic Games. Racers are divided into the seated class (PTWC), standing classes (PTS2-5), or vision impairment class (PTVI) based on the type and severity of their disabilities. At Tokyo 2020, triathlon will consist of four events each for men and women.

Tips on watching games

The “transitions,” which refer to the process the racers must go through to switch from swimming to cycling, and from cycling to running, are included in the total times, and are sometimes referred to as the “fourth event” of triathlon. In the Paralympic Games especially, this is an interesting process to watch, as it can differ so widely across racers, with racers in different classes using different equipment, and having to take off/put on different kinds of assistive tools. For certain classes, teamwork is absolutely essential, as people like handlers and guides must support the racers through the process. We recommend watching this sport from the transition area, where you can see all this happen, and cheer the racers on up close. Tokyo 2020 Event Program ・PTWC (Men/Women) ・PTS2 (Women) ・PTS4 (Men) ・PTS5 (Men/Women) ・PTVI (Men/Women) Schedule 2021.08.28.SAT~2021.08.29.SUN

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