Wheelchair Fencing

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Wheelchair Fencing

In wheelchair fencing, fencers fight in a wheelchair fixed to the ground. The same weapons and protective gear as those of able-bodied fencing are used, and the rules of the game are no different from general fencing rules. Speed and tactics are the essence of the game. At the Paralympic games, fencers compete in three events: foil (targeting torso only), épée (targeting entire body), and sabre (thrusting and cutting the entire body).

Tips on watching games

Due to the close distance between opponents, wheelchair fencers must maintain an extremely high level of focus at all times during a match. Furthermore, since they are unable to use their feet to shift their position, the key to winning is speed and technique for both offensive and defensive. Whereas we tend to focus on the sword arm during a fencing match, next time, take a look at the non-sword arm of fencers. The indispensable sidekick braces the armrest, extends powerfully during offensive, lies low during defensive, and does everything to arduously support the fencer.

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