Wheelchair Rugby

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Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is the only Paralympic sport in which athletes are authorized to wreck wheelchairs, correction, slam into each other to tackle. In this sport, players ride on robust wheelchairs that can handle even the most violent collisions. The rugby ball is round unlike the ball for able-bodied rugby. Watch as players with spinal cord injuries and limb impairments skillfully maneuver their wheelchairs to tackle and score.

Tips on watching games

A classification system is used in wheelchair rugby. According to their functional level, players are assigned a point value between 0.5 to 3.5, with 0.5 being the severest level of impairment. The total classification value of all players on the court for a team at one time cannot exceed eight points. When watching a game, look out for fine plays by 'low-pointer players', happening outside of the game action. Their mobility may be more restricted, but they play an essential role in a team's tactics by ramming into opponents and intercepting their attacks.

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