Cross-county Skiing

  • Winter
  • Pyeongchang
  • Beijing

Cross-county Skiing

In cross-country skiing, athletes compete in three events: standing, sitting and visual-impairment. The standing and visual-impairment events are further divided into classic-style (skis move through tracks made in the snow) and the free-skate or skate skiing.

Tips on watching games

For the three events, athletes are divided into different sport classes depending on the activity limitation that their impairment causes. A number is assigned to each class, and the athletes' results are calculated by multiplying the finish time by the factored number. In the visual impairment events, athletes compete with a sighted guide who skis ahead of the athlete and verbally informs the athlete of course specifics. In the sitting events, athletes compete on sleds with skis called a 'sit-ski'.

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