Butterfly lady, forging ahead with insatiable curiosity Table Tennis



i enjoy

I change up the butterfly hairclips I wear during matches—different colors, different shapes—according to how I feel that day, and that puts me in a good mood.

Strong points

“You return the shot so that it falls on the side, right along the net, where the opponent can’t reach. You do this during rallies and on serve receives, which makes it more annoying for the opponent than smashes.”

  • Sport
    Table Tennis
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Birth place
    Yamagata Gun, Hiroshima
  • Team
    Domani Table Tennis Club
  • Position/Class
    Class 5
  • Paralympics Triumphs
    ・Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
     5th Place

    Latest Triumphs
     German Open
     Singles: 3rd Place
     Japan Open
     1st Place
     Slovakia Open
     3rd Place
     8th Para Table Tennis Championships
     1st Place
     Asian Para Table Tennis Championships (China)
     2nd Place
     9th Para Table Tennis Championships
     1st Place
     Thailand Open
     2nd Place