Making the shot for her caregivers too Archery



i enjoy

My impairment makes it so my body can’t control its own temperature and hard to play well when there are lots of fluctuations in the weather. So I really enjoy it when a shot goes right through the middle on bad-condition days.

Strong points

“I’ve been training, slowly but surely, since over ten years ago. So I’ve been able to keep my joints and muscles nice and flexible, and I can draw my bow, even with a rather heavy impairment!”

  • Sport
  • DOB
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  • Birth place
  • Position/Class
    W1 Woman’s
  • Results
    ・2019 43rd Nojigiku Cup Archery Tournament Women’s W1 - 2nd Place
    ・2019 World Para Archery Championships (Netherlands) Women’s W1 - 9th Place / Mixed (W1) - 3rd Place
    ・2019 29th Archery Invitational Women’s W1 - 1st Place
    ・6th Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament (UAE)
    Women’s W1 - 1st Place

    Last updated: 2021.03.31
  • In April 2005, as a second-year at university, she suffered a cervical cord injury in the JR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accident. The injury left her with major paralysis below the neck. She discovered archery in the winter of 2013. She took it up at her mother’s suggestion, and in 2018, competed in her first tournament with her caregivers by her side. She improved rapidly starting September of the same year, after switching to a new compound bow, and in June 2019, competed in her first international tournament, the World Para Archery Championships. Though she was eliminated in the first round in the individual event, she came in third in the mixed (W1) event, and was able to qualify for competition in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.