What's Paralympics  Power to change society

About The Paralympics

The Paralympics has the power to change society.

Paralympics - the "Olympics" held in "Parallel" after the Olympic Games in the same city.

The Paralympics is said to have originated approximately 70 years ago in Great Britain, when sporting events were being held for patients at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Later, the games held in 1960 (the Ninth Annual International Stoke Mandeville Games), the year of the Rome Olympics, were considered to be the first Paralympic Games, and the Tokyo Games in 1964 as the second. 

Today, the Paralympics has developed into the greatest international sporting event of the highest level for top para-athletes around the world.

  • The 2nd Paralympic Games held in Tokyo, 1964 Approximately 370 athletes came to participate from around the world
  • The Japan women's national goalball team smiles for the camera after winning gold at the London Paralympics

The 2012 London Paralympics were the best Games ever: 4237 athletes participated from 164 countries, and a record crowd cheered them on. With a total of 2.78 million tickets sold, many of the venues were a full house. Today, the Paralympics is the world's third largest sporting event after the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

In 2020, Japan will be proudly hosting the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, a historical first that a city will be hosting the Games for a second time. To prepare for the Paralympic Games, not only will physical barriers for disabled people be removed, efforts will also be made to overcome psychological barriers to develop "barrier-free minds". Only then will we enter an era of a truly inclusive, symbiotic society.

  • Fireworks and attractions colourfully kick off the world's greatest para-sport event= London Paralympics
  • The "Agitos" - the Paralympics symbol - displayed by the cross-country ski trail= Sochi Paralympics