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[Center Topics] Review of The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center in 2016

Turning thought to action . The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center achieved much in 2016 towards ensuring the success of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and building an inclusive society that extends beyond 2020.
The Center is already planning a variety of events, educational opportunities and campaigns for 2017!

【[April 11, 2016] "Asuchalle School" Starts!

The Paralympic Support Center launched "Asuchalle School," a program that brings excitement to children through interaction with para-athletes.

Wheelchair basketball athlete and Project Director Shinji Negi

The program includes "Demonstrations by para-athletes," "trials" and "lecture."

[May 27, 2016] Para-Sports Hands-on Experience Event at Ise Summit

First Ladies attend the Para-Sports Hands-on Experience Event at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit

A short game of wheelchair basketball with children in athletic wheelchairs

Japan's first lady Akie Abe tries blind soccer

[August 31, 2016] Release of the Goalball Game App!

The Paralympic Support Center unveiled "ENJOY! PARA SPORTS GOAL BALL," a goalball app that lets users simulate blindfold playing, developed with supervision from the Japan Goal Ball Association.

Top men's goalball athletes attend the press release

Charismatic gamer Takahashi Meijin tries the game

[Sep 1, 2016] Learn About Sports Compliance Through Manga Issued

A compliance training manga for athletes, Learn About Sports Compliance Through Manga—Important Points All Athletes Should Know , was issued.

Important points are explained in easy-to-understand, accessible manga format.

[Sep 24, 2016] Para-Sports Hands-on Experience Booth at Tourism Expo

2,500 people attended the i enjoy! Para-Sports Park, where many people tried their hand at wheelchair basketball and racing for the first time.

Held over two days, immediately after the closing of the Rio Paralympic Games, the event drew many people of all ages

The beam rifle and wheelchair basketball corners prove very popular

[Oct 26, 2016] Report Session on Accessibility at the Rio Paralympic Games

A session was held to report on the Rio Paralympic Games visit, and discuss the issue of accessibility so spectators can better enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Toshiya Kakiuchi, advisor to the Paralympic Support Center , reports his findings as a wheelchair user

Athletes Sugimura (boccia) and Makoto Hirose (judo) give their report of Rio from an athlete's point of view

[Oct 26, 2016] Press Release for "Asuchalle Academy"

A press release was held for the launch of the Inclusive Communication Academy named "Asuchalle Academy," an educational program for university students and adults .

Four lecturers, all with disabilities, attend the press release

Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, voices high hopes for the program

[Nov 22, 2016] First Ever "ParaFes2016"!

Bringing the Paralympic Games closer with the power of music—5,000 people came to watch the wild and exciting ParaFes2016.

An acrobatic performance by internationally performing dancers with prosthetic feet and crutches

Big chorus of "La La La" with Maki Oguro and all performers

text by Parasapo
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